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Minyak Gosok
medicated oil

Some annoyances could overcame
The exact dose for drinking
Precaution when using TaZmania
Tips in using for healing diseases

At the beginning, TAZMANIA  medicated oil is a secret formula and descending privately in the family. Since World War II, Indonesia people already known this formula and trust their hope of  life to it, cause we know at that time there was lack of medicines and medical workers. The sacred formula is so incredible to heal any kind of diseases both internal and external, so as the time goes by known as we called TAZMANIA  medicated oil.

TAZMANIA is a traditional herb product, and also processed from all of the natural sources. Thanks to our government who strictly monitoring and maintaining the quality of “JAMU” sign products. TAZMANIA, once again is doubtless a pure, refreshing, multi-cure traditional medical product.

Some annoyances could overcame
Malaria, fever, rheumatism, cholera, headache, stomachache, toothache, muscle pain, diarrhea, queasy, phlegm, scabies, scalds, insect bites, sunstroke, bruises, asthmatic, cough, lever pain, travel sickness, itches, ringworms, ambeiven.

As mentioned above, we using natural herb products such as oleum cocos, oleum cajaputi, piperis folium, zingiberis rhizoma, curcummae rhizoma.   Such as curcumae is effective to cool down your body temperature, piperis folium effective to low down high blood pressure, zingiberis is effective to warm up body temperature and give you extra energy.

The exact dose for drinking :
It just effective when you get cough, lever pain.
@   Adult : 3 times a day, 1 dining spoon
@   Child : 3 times a day, 1 tea spoon

Precaution when using TaZmania :
Keep away from eyes, do not drink exceeding the conducted dose.

Tips in using for healing diseases :
Commonly just rub and then stroke in which part that are affected or wounded.
For influenza, apply it under nose, chest, and back.
For stomachache, apply it around stomach and back.
For fever, apply it on the forehead, neck, under nose, and chest.
For aromatherapy, smelt it and breath deeply.
For crammed, apply it at the point you feel sick and then rub it on foot toe.

Storing :
Keep it in a dry warm place, fair humidity.
TAZMANIA is perfect for all of ages, we urge parental guide for under age usages.
We promise you, our beloved customers !!! to keep in the quality of TAZMANIA branded products to the best.



:: Manufactured by :PD. SANJAYA AGUNG SEMESTA, Jakarta, Indonesia ::
SMS only: 083808509757